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Updated: June 10, 2023

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Woodville, TX

Woodville, Texas, is full of local attractions and gorgeous landscapes. This small town has a rich heritage and plenty of character to keep visitors coming back. Visit during the spring to attend the annual Tyler County Dogwood Festival in town. Stroll through the historic village and museum, wander through the art district, or head to one of the nearby lakes for a relaxing day in the sun. Woodville is a quaint town in the heart of Texas that's great for a weekend getaway.

Woodville, Texas: What to know before you go

Because of the small population in this up-and-coming tourist destination, we recommend having a car to take you around Woodville. Visit the nearby Martin Dies, Jr. State Park or the Big Thicket National Preserve to enjoy activities in nature year-round. With highs of 95 in the summer and 60 in the winter, Woodville is the perfect destination for people looking to escape the chill for a few days. Bring your umbrella and light layers, since rain and humidity can make an appearance anytime.

Which price range for vacation rentals is considered a good deal in Woodville, TX area?

Vacation Rental Price Information in Woodville, TX

The graph shows the percentages of vacation homes in each price bucket. Woodville, TX has the largest percentage (NaN%) of homes in price range.

Woodville Vacation Rentals FAQ

How many Woodville vacation rentals are available?

There are no Woodville vacation rentals available. Use the filters on Vacations by Zumper to find your next Woodville vacation spot.

Are there vacation rentals near Woodville that have more than 2 bedrooms?

Currently, there are no vacation rentals near Woodville that have more than 2 bedrooms. Check each listing to view photos, pricing, and amenities, and contact the listing manager to begin your next vacation today.

How many Woodville vacation rentals have internet access?

There are currently no Woodville vacation rentals that have internet access. See a full list of property features, photos, pricing, and check availability today.

How many vacation rentals near Woodville have more than 1 bathroom?

Right now, there are no vacation rentals near Woodville that have more than 1 bathroom. View vacation spots and check availability for different properties today.

Are there any pet friendly Woodville vacation rentals?

There are no pet friendly vacation rentals near Woodville. Pet friendly rental policies are managed by the owner. We recommend contacting the listing agent for dog, cat, and other pet policies.

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