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Updated: March 3, 2023

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Browse 3 vacation rentals near Shenandoah in Davie, Florida. If you’re interested in touring around Davie, and you want to stay in the Shenandoah neighborhood, use our interactive map to find your next rental. You can see pictures of Shenandoah vacation rentals, view amenities and features, browse by property types, and more. Whether you’re looking for a Shenandoah staycation, weekend getaway, or a long vacation, we’ve got you covered. The lowest vacation rental price in Shenandoah is $200 per night and goes up to as much as $380 per night. Use the date filters at the top to select your travel dates and view availability.
2 of the vacation rentals near Shenandoah are houses. The average bathroom count for a vacation house near Shenandoah is 3. The average price for vacation houses near Shenandoah is $290 per night. There are 1 vacation homes under this price. The most common amenities for vacation rentals near Shenandoah are: furnished, swimming pool, and smoking allowed. To find vacation properties that might be a good option for large groups or families, use our filters for bedroom count, bathroom count and more.

3 bed rentals

2 available

4+ bed rentals

1 available

Travel Info

There are no bus or train stops within 3 miles of central Shenandoah. Vacationers to Shenandoah will need to look outside this area for public transit, or travel by car.

Getting around Shenandoah

Pedestrian friendly

Other transportation modes are needed to reach day-to-day needs

Car friendly

Excellent access to freeways and major arteries, with a vast amount of parking nearby

Transit friendly

Transit is available for some trips

Points of interest in Shenandoah


No grocery stores within walking distance


Few or no shops within walking distance


Few or no cafés within walking distance


Some restaurants within walking distance


Few or no bars within walking distance

Vacation Rentals in Shenandoah, FL FAQ

How many vacation rentals in Shenandoah are available?

There are currently 3 vacation rentals in Shenandoah available. Choose from nightly rentals, monthly rentals, weekend rentals, and weekly rentals to find your perfect stay in Shenandoah.

What types of vacation rental properties are available in Shenandoah, FL?

As of March 3, 2023, there are 2 vacation houses for rent in Shenandoah and 1 vacation condos and apartments for rent in Shenandoah, FL. Check each listing to view photos and get more details about pricing and available amenities.

Are there any vacation rentals in Shenandoah, FL with more than 1 bedroom?

Yes, there are 3 Shenandoah vacation rentals with more than 1 bedroom. To view a more detailed amenity list, click on the available properties on Vacations by Zumper.

How many pet friendly Shenandoah vacation rentals are available?

As of March 3, 2023, there are 2 pet friendly vacation rentals in Shenandoah, Florida available. For more information about pet policies regarding dogs and cats, view the property listing or contact the leasing agent.

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